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The appropriate lenses


Choose Your Appropriate Lenses

That is, answer this question : Eyeglasses, what for ?

You may need them to correct:

  1. Distance vision only: you need single vision lenses (clear ,or tint or photochromic) with just 1 focal correction for distance vision


  2. Near vision only: requires single vision lenses (clair, or photochromic, or tint) with 1 focal correction for near vision like reading, computer work, or driving


  3. Distance, intermediate, and near vision altogether: you need Progressive lenses -- also known as varifocal or multifocal – (clair, or photochromic ,or tint) appropiately programmed with these 3 corrections. progressive lenses are currently replacing Bifocal lenses given that they have no visible horizontal line in the middle and they deliver a smoother transition between farsightedness and shortsightedness.

    Free Form progressive hi-tech lenses provide the same progressive corrections as above (clair or photochromic or tint) but they are individually programmed on their rear surface, near the eye, at the user's specifications and their frame size. Free Form lenses offer the highest vision accuracy.


For further details please referv to “All About Lenses and Frames” page on control bar






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Anna, gli occhiali sono arrivati oggi perfettamente integri. Voglio ringraziarvi di cuore. Alberta C . Lavagna (GE) Italia


Hi Anna, My glasses arrived in  good shape. Love the style and  quality. I'm passing  this good deal on to my friends  and  family!! Thanks again. Don V. San Diego. U:S.A 


Gli occhiali sono perfetti. Grazie. Ottimo prodotto, ottimo prezzo e ottimo servizio,       Valeria Moroni,Bologna , Italia


Bonjour, Finis les prix inabordables des lunettes de vue proposées dans les boutiques. Merci vistalowcost. Marcel Leroux, Avignon , France